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Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Level 6/3B)

Take a trip into the deep South during the 1930's to see what life was REALLY like for some families.....
Mildred D. Taylor has written a story of the racial discrimination that existed in the South in the 1930's through the eyes of Cassie Logan, a proud but innocent nine-year-old Black girl.  Cassie has shared with you the many incidents of prejudice and racism faced by members of her family.  The time is 1933, the place is a small town in Mississippi.  The Logans are struggling to hold on to the land that not only represents its past  but also promises hope for the future.  Family pride, hard work, courage, and compassion strengthen the ties that bind the Logans to their land and to each other.              

1. You will read and identify themes and events in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.
2. You will understand how racial inequality, discrimination, racial conflict, and racism affect society.


Activity 1
RACIAL INEQUALITY                  
The initial theme in this book is that of racial inequity.
Begin making a Compare and Contrast Chart showing similarities and differences between the White children and the Black children.
An example might look like:

Walk to school
Ride the school bus

Wear poor clothes

Also wear poor clothes
Get books only when whites are finished with them

Get new books

 Activity 2
Racial Inequality

 View a short video that graphically depicts examples of racial inequality in education.
   Click on the link below:
                    Racial Inequality in Education

Various photos showing racial inequality are found on the following website:
                       Photos of Racial Inequality
Describe three of the events or pictures from the websites.What examples of racial inequality do you see today?

  Activity 3
Racial Conflicts

 Discrimination is unfair.  Racial conflicts existed during the time when this novel was written.
      Even today, racial conflicts exist in the world. 
Can you think of examples of racial conflict in the news of today?

Click on Scottsboro Boys 
As you read the story of the Scottsboro Case, think of what event in the novel is similar to this.
Compare and contrast these two events.

  Activity 4

 Click on Saddest Day
and listen to the story recorded by Mr. Sam Harmon regarding the saddest day in his own life.

Activity 5

Laws written and unwritten ruled the Deep South during this era.  Jim Crow Laws were regulations made for the black citizens and were unjust and unfair.  
Go to Jim Crow Laws and take a short quiz. 
Think of examples why whites might fear blacks. In the novel, there were many times when situations were unfair.

     Write down instances from
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry of misunderstandings
caused by the difference in race and culture.
Why do you think it is easy to mistrust others who are not like you?

Mildred D. Taylor is the author of this novel.  Her background and family history inspired her to write this novel.  In writing Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, she focused on experiences in her childhood.  She suffered through discrimination, racism, racial inequality and conflict.
 Click to read her autobiography:  Mildred D. Taylor Biography                                                                                

Imagine you are a writer from a major city newspaper.  You have been assigned to write an editorial opinion on the subject of racism.  An editorial is the opinion of the newspaper staff.  It presents the details of a problem or issue and suggests solutions for change.  It attempts to convince the reader to agree with the writer’s opinion or change the reader’s attitude on the subject.  Using the incidents in the novel as your guide, write an editorial to be published in the newspaper.

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